Amazon Fashion Week 2015

Autumn-Winter Collection
Amazon Fashion Week 2015 was a spectacular event.
See some of my favourite looks recreated for spring/summer 2016 .

– Namrata joshipura : The Greek Goddess Nyx was her main inspiration. She went for an elegant instead of a sexy look this time. The  first dress that I have selected to recreate had a lovely pattern of cherry blossoms. RECREATED: Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 12.28.22 pm#1 – Plunge Neck Bralet : ASOS #2 – Cherry Blossom Scuba Skirt  #3- Leather Platform Heels : ZARA

– Rajesh Pratap Singh : He opened the fashion show this year. Rajesh has never worked to fullfill a demand but instead believes in creating it. He lined the ramp with hospital beds. Every stitch  in his pieces was based on how a surgeon would have made it. He brought in real surgeons and doctors to give advise and that lent authenticity to his ramp. The sutures on the leather skirts were done like they would be done  in a surgery. He wanted to elaborate on how being a doctor is a profession which requires a lot of sophistication. You are required to completely separate your personal life from your professional life. No matter how grave your personal problems are , you are required to get right up. This was beautifully portrayed in the collection and the walk. The piece I have chosen is black and white , it’s an illusion checkered dress with a stylised safety mask.

RECREATED : Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 12.25.30 pm#1: Check Japanese Sleeve Shirt : ZARA #2: High Waisted Checkered Shorts : ZARA #3: Perforated Faux Leather Loafers : Forever21 #4: Porkpie Hat : ASOS

– Hemant & Nandita: The designers had visited Kashmir the winter before and wanted to incorporate that feel in their design. They commented on how inside the hotel it would be warmer as compared to the outside and gave a feel of the cold white beauty of Kashmir. So they worked on two piece garments. The inside and the outside , this was done so that it could be worn inside and outside with a cape or a jacket accordingly. They worked with chiffon and silk (mostly kind of warm). The capes and the jackets were primarily woollen. They tried to incorporate the Kashmiri style of work in the the garments.The different patterns and elaborate embroidery complimented the simple hat and heels the models wore.

My favourite piece is one in which there is just a skirt and shirt , skirt being the grey element lined with magenta, turquoise and dark green and the shirt being teal , coral and orange. This is then separated by a silver piece of jewellery which is an elaborate belt. Teamed with a grey-black hat, ankle boots and socks. RECREATED :  Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 12.21.32 pm #1: Motel Mindy Top : ASOS #2: Skater Skirt: Forever21 #3: Floppy Hat #4: Bootie Boots

-Pankaj & Nidhi: The lovely collection seemed to have gone for a walk in a mine. The inspiration came from down under. There was a heavy influence of the jewels and crystals  dissected ,projected, refracted and cut. These patterns were the main focus of the collection. Some of the sequins were hand folded to give the mined affect. This was a new technique that was seen for the first time. The colours mostly ranged from ruby to sapphire and pink with an element of white.


RECREATED: Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 1.00.27 pm #1: Kaboogie Kimono Blazer:ASOS #2: Diamond Patterned Lace Pants: Forever21 #3: Pointelle Knit Crop Top :Forever21 #4:Vagabond Emma White Perforated Heeled Sandals : ASOS #5: Faux Leather Bucket Clutch : Forever21

PERO: The brand based  its designs around uniforms. But they didn’t pick the obvious parts of the uniform, in a way to say they avoided the masculine parts and the sharp shoulders. What fascinated the designers to take inspiration from was the badges, the cuts and the patterns. The clothes showcased a change in how the cloth is usually weaved. The clothes had a very heavy influence of Scottish checks.

RECREATED: Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 12.38.05 pm#1: Cigarette Trouser in Premium Check co-ord : ASOS #2: Super Soft Cape : Topshop #3: Lace-UP Leather Sneakers : MANGO #4: Contrast Trim Shirt : Forever21

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