5 for 5.

5 outfits for 5 picture perfect views on my road trip to Scotland.
Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 7.59.00 pm

#Beautiful Sunset by Connell.
Connell is a little town on the way to Oban. The view is the most breath taking one I have ever seen. With the lush green and the shimmering water, it is on the top of my list of favorite holiday spots.

Since we have this perfect sunset, picking the perfect outfit is quite important. Not because it would look good in pictures { WHICH IT WOULD } but because standing in front of the perfect view the least we can do is compliment it.

The colours of the sunset suggest that we dwell into the hues of orange. I picked bright orange. You could go with : yam,  marigold, tangerine or honey. Make sure you don’t stand out too much, so pair your shade of orange with neutral colours. Also the most important part of your outfit is your accessories. When you travel it is quite impractical to carry all of your best stuff for on vacation, so even if you go with hoops, tassels or teardrop earrings you are set.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 10.59.05 pm

\\ #1 Forever 21 Black Top #2 KOOVS Hoop Tassel Earrings #3 ASOS HUSH Wide Fit Heeled Sandals #4 Metallic Pleated Skirt  #5 Mandarin ‘Citrus’ Minaudière //
{featuring the Tarini Narula Collection}

#2 The City of Harry Potter: Edinburgh

Cotton Candy sky, tastes so yummy and smells so good.
Edinburgh is THE city of Scotland, it encompasses the perfect mixture between the new and the old. The way they have kept their tradition alive is beautiful, just like the city itself. A more popular reason why people know this city is because of JK Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series. She sat in this very city, in a cafe called the The Elephant House and wrote the first few books of the series.
In the honour of my favourite hero and the chosen one, I have chosen ( punning it ) a Snitch t-shirt. You could go with any graphic t-shirt for the city because it is absolutely beautiful and no matter what colour you wear, you’ll match with something or the other. Thats a promise. I paired it with pleated trousers. These were my first pick as they are extremely comfortable and an all-seasons garment. This is because the weather is absolutely unpredictable in this city. Make sure your clothes are comfortable, because there is a lot of walking to do. A personal recommendation would be the walking tour if you love history,architecture,spooks or even just the view. I added a hip element which gives the outfit a more formal touch, the gold belt and the head accessory. With this was the perfect bag for the job, a TRAVEL clutch.

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 8.04.56 pm\\ #1 FAYON head-hair accessories #2 RED WOLF harry potter snitch #3 TRAVEL clutch #4 KOOVS Belt   #5 Pleated Drawstring Trousers #6 Lug-Sole Monk Strap Loafers //
{ Featuring RED WOLF }

#3 Gold Course : St. Andrews.
St. Andrews has been quite the hub lately because of ‘The Open’. One of the biggest golf tournaments in the world. I was lucky enough to visit the course a month before. If you have even a dash of love for the history of the game of golf, you must play this course (or at least visit it). It’s like a pilgrimage to Mecca.
The outfit I have chosen for this stunning course is somewhat like the course itself. It speaks it’s own language eloquently. There is beauty in its simplicity and is paired with an amazing view. I chose white and gold for this outing. Coming to St. Andrews is an experience in itself, its next to the shore and its history is just as rich as the gold in the outfit.
When visiting a golf course, formal attire is very  important, sometimes they don’t even let you in if you aren’t properly dressed.
Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 11.15.57 pm

\\ #1 Island Girl Earrings #2 Lace Collar Necklace #3 Boxy Shirt Dress #4 ASOS Flats //
{Featuring Lolas Closet}

#4 The Perfect Country Side : Oban 
Oban is  a town which is again blessed by a water body. On my road-trip through Scotland this was probably the most picturesque town I saw.
Imagine this; Perfectly painted buildings which somehow quite coincidently compliment each other yet no two are the same; A beautiful body of water with yachts and boats sailing towards the horizon; Beautiful people and Pelicans soaring right above you. My outfit chosen comprises of a faux leather dress. Any white dress would do just fine actually{ just look out for the weather report}. This is then paired with a sling beige bag with a beautiful black and white design on it. To match, I have black intricate earrings and boots. Just to add a little more detail, there is the hand chain. Its a country side{sort-off} so make sure you don’t really have anything glittery or too formal because you would completely stand out and not to mention make a fool of yourself in this pretty little town where the people are ever so sweet but have a very good sense of style.Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 11.02.44 pm

\\ #1 Intricate Pattern Drop Earrings #2 Faux Leather Dress #3 Black Sling Bag #4 DreamCatcher Handchain #5 Boots //
{Featuring 3 Mad Chicks}

#5 Tom Riddles Grave : Near Hogwarts in Scotland.
Coming back to Edinburgh, because no one can ever get enough of this town.
The graveyard in the background is the very graveyard from which JK Rowling picked the Dark Lord. Yes, the grave of Tom Riddle is on this very site. When Rowling used to come and drop her children to the school, she used walk through this graveyard. Even the name Elizabeth Moody came from here.
The outfit I chose for this occasion is a black one, as black is associated with the eeriness that creeps up to you while walking through the dark lords resting place. To give it some colour I picked the colour, Tiffany’s Blue, as it beautifully goes with the different shades of  green in the plants that line the graves. A black Fedora Hat is the cherry on the top.Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 11.11.45 pm

\\ #1 Fedora Hat #2 Full Black Maxi #3 BBling Accessories  #4 Turquoise Clutch #5 Wide Strap Leather Sandals //
{Featuring Bbling Accessories}

I wish someday I could actually style some of the items I have featured and revisit these beautiful places.Enjoy!

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